Wolly One

Wolly 1 Pocket Planter

Wolly 1 Pocket Planter

Make your walls gorgeously lush with our Wolly Pockets! Wolly Pockets are lightweight modular containers that are made of sustainably manufactured materials (100% recycled plastic water bottles) and are hand-stitched in the USA with durable UVA resistant thread. Wolly's breathable front panel allows soil to aerate naturally, encouraging plants to air prune while maintaining even levels of moisture. 

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While our Wolley pockets are lined with a waterproof barrier, this lining only extends 25% of the way up the front panel, which allows the front of the pocket/soil to breathe. If hand watering, it is imperative that soil be packed at a 2" slant; lower at the back and higher at the front. This slant will create a reservoir for watering and will prevent water from saturating the front of the pocket. Watering should be performed with a fine point dram that is aimed toward the back panel of the pocket. 

Size: 15" H x 24" W
Soil Volume: 0.40 cu.ft
Made from 100% recycled water bottles

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