Table Top - Natural Plants

Table Top - Natural Plants

Table Top - Natural Plants

Table Top Garden is a new trend for Mini Garden for tiny spaces

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Care Instruction:

Tropical plants are a whole different ball-game. We recommend choosing easy-going, moisture-loving species like philodendron, fittonia, and ferns. Tropical is going to eventually outgrow their terrarium enclosure, so keep in mind that you'll eventually need to transplant.

  • Light: Most tropical-like medium-bright indirect light. They will burn if they get too much direct sun, especially when the sun is intensified through a glass vessel.
  • Water: Though not as drought-tolerant as succulents and cacti, care still needs to be taken not to over-water your tropical terrarium. Allow the top inch or so of the soil to go dry between watering, and water at the base of each plant using your watering can or spray bottle. Between watering, feel free to give your terrarium a spritz from a mister to promote a humid environment. Let the leaves tell you when it's time to water by allowing them to wilt slightly between watering. Watering should be at least every 4 days to once a week.
  • Troubleshooting: Wilted or crispy brown leaves? Time to water. Mushy stems or lots of yellow? You're watering too much. Remove damaged or overgrown plants and replace them with comparable specimens. Reduce watering during winter

Remember, don't overwater and don't water too often! You have to keep in mind that changes don't happen overnight. In most cases, just let your table tops sit without a watering until you see the soil become completely dry. You can tell if the soil is dry when the color gets light and dusty. You can also stick a finger, toothpick, or moisture meter into the soil and test the moisture level, like baking cupcakes. If you've already put way too much water into your terrarium and the dirt is soggy or you see water fill up the bottom of the vessel, then you might want to try more desperate measures. Make a trip to the local pharmacy or computer store and buy a large syringe with a long needle, like the ones used to refill ink cartridges. Stick the syringe into the bottom of your vessel and suck out as much water as possible. Now leave your terrarium in a bright place with good airflow, but not in direct sun, and let it dry out. Then start watering your plants again once things have dried – it's normal that some parts of the plants die, it doesn't mean the entire plant is dead. They'll come back with love and time.


If your plant dies within 60 days of purchase, we will replace that plant at no charge to you. Just get in touch with us over the phone, WhatsApp and include a photo of your plant and then you may come in at your convenience for your replacement.

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