Table Top - Cacti

Table Top - Cacti

Table Top - Cacti

Table Top Garden is a new trend for Mini Garden for tiny spaces. The latest brilliant trend in gardening is all about thinking small - so think tabletop, think windowsill, think wall hanging. You can create a tiny, container garden in any place you can spare.

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Table Tops, whether created with succulents, cacti or tropical plants, are like tiny universes. There is something fascinating and beautiful about a self-contained plant landscape within a glass vessel, and when properly assembled and cared for, these little ecosystems will thrive for years. Terrarium care might seem daunting, but there's no reason to be worried - with a few easy steps, you'll get your terrarium happy.

Care Instruction:

All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. The cacti that most folks are familiar with come from the desert. For a table top with cacti, you can follow identical instructions for your succulent terrarium.

Light: Unsurprising for a desert plant, in order to be healthy, the cactus wants lots of light and thrives when it’s bright and the temperatures are warm. If the light is too low, the cactus will go dormant rather than growing or flowering. If you keep the cactus in an office or someplace with less light, give it a sunny “vacation” every so often.

Water: Watering should be atleast every 10 to 15 days. Watering should be around the cacti/succulent, not over it.

Remember, don't overwater and don't water too often! You have to keep in mind that changes don't happen overnight. In most cases, just let your terrarium sit without a watering until you see the soil become completely dry. You can tell if the soil is dry when the color gets light and dusty. You can also stick a finger, toothpick, or moisture meter into the soil and test the moisture level, like baking cupcakes. If you've already put way too much water into your terrarium and the dirt is soggy or you see water fill up the bottom of the vessel, then you might want to try more desperate measures. Make a trip to the local pharmacy or computer store and buy a large syringe with a long needle, like the ones used to refill ink cartridges. Stick the syringe into the bottom of your vessel and suck out as much water as possible. Now leave your terrarium in a bright place with good air flow, but not in direct sun, and let it dry out. Then start watering your plants again once things have dried – it's normal that some parts of the plants die, it doesn't mean the entire plant is dead. They'll come back with love and time.


If your plant dies within 60 days of purchase, we will replace that plant at no charge to you. Just get in touch with us over phone, whatsapp and include a photo of your plant and then you may come in at your convenience for your replacement.


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