Indoor Plants Are a must for Every Home! But Why?

Indoor Plants Are a must for Every Home! But Why?


Plants bring beauty and a touch of nature to homes and offices. Experts suggest houseplants are good for people for a variety of reasons. Hospitals and nursing homes use plants to create a healthy environment for patients and staff.

Businesses also use plants to create green space and increase productivity. Below are some of the benefits of indoor plants.

Improved Air Quality

Plants improve indoor air quality in buildings. Research shows that plants can remove toxins from indoor air. Plants naturally create oxygen.

They emit water vapor, which turns into a pumping action, which pulls contaminants, such as ammonia, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde, into a plant's roots, which is then converted into food for the plant and recycled oxygen, in return additionally cleaning the air.

Dampen Acoustics and Other Waves.                                   

Plants can dampen sounds in a room by slowing the speed of the waves and their reverberations. This is because plants can attenuate the echo of sounds coming from inside and the sound vibrations from outside. Plants with large leaves affect the high frequencies and small leaves affect the low frequencies.

Some plants, mainly of the cacti and succulent type, have the property of reducing the effects of electromagnetic waves emitted by electronic devices. It is a subject on which there is no consensus, but nothing costs to try it.

It's Good for Morale.

Not a day goes by without the media talking about the necessary interaction between humans and nature. Only a few people do not recognize the feeling of well-being that comes from a walk in the forest or a moment in the garden.

Many studies underline the importance of integrating plants in our living or work environments. They contribute to an increase in concentration, productivity, and creativity.

There have been notable effects in the hospital environment, where there is talk of a reduction in convalescence time or even a reduction in prescriptions for pain relief as a result of the availability of indoor plants.

"Working with plants (watering them, repotting them, etc.) has a proven anti-stress effect, but even just seeing them calms the mind.


The healing qualities of common herbs are well known, but common houseplants also provide healing. According to a study by a scientist, plants in the workplace reduce stress and make people feel calm.

The results of the studies show that workers have fewer sick days. Hospitals have also found that including plants in their environments results in happier and more attentive staff. Hospital patients recovered faster if they had a sight with plants and trees, according to another study.

Spices such as mint help in cooking

Growing aromatic plants and spices is very entertaining. Having plants such as sage, thyme, oregano, basil, spearmint, mint, or parsley is extremely useful to prepare a good dish.

Many people do not have a very clear idea about their use, but they can do wonders with our food. A simple roast beef improves a lot with the help of some herbs.


Even the most scrupulous interior designer will agree that plants are a significant part of the aesthetic harmony of a home. A house with plants is a house with life.

A single pot of areca palm, snake plant, spider plant or money plant, radically changes a dark corner of your home. No artificial plant can replace a natural one. The possibilities are endless.

From palm trees or ferns to sophisticated orchids, tulips, hyacinths, or African violets. If you have a spacious room, the only limit is your creativity because you can plant trees or shrubs that will definitely make your home more welcoming. Orchids are famous and appreciated as ornamental plants due to their exotic and legendary beauty.


Herbalism is recognized as a primary basis of medicine. Reading about the medicinal effects of some plants can be very interesting. It does not hurt to have some indoor plants in pots that help us cope with discomfort.

Among the medicinal plants that we can grow with relative ease in our home are Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Spider plant, just to mention a few. Some are very effective for headaches, dizziness, indigestion, minor blows, or muscle aches.

In conclusion,

Although many people live in a small apartment, it is always possible to have a few plants planted in small pots. On the internet, many tutorials have been written by experts in this field. Besides, having plants has exceptionally positive effects on our life.